Where It All Began...

Seeing brand new houses become family homes in his own community has always been immensely rewarding to our founder and director, Aaron Bennett. For as long as he can remember he has been passionate about the building industry- growing up, there was never really any question as to what he would do. After his apprenticeship with Stanley Group, Aaron worked as a Site Foreman with them on residential and commercial sites until 2009, when he started "Aaron Bennett Builders."

Innovate, Develop, Build

With the keywords "Innovate, Develop, Build" incorporated into the logo from the very beginning, these words best describe the company's continued focus throughout the last 10+ years. Creating an individualised project specific to personal requirements is essential when working alongside our client to achieve their desired result. Founder Aaron says, "There have been cases where a client has a specific design or floor-plan in mind, but a particular aspect may not quite work- that's where we can work together and come up with solutions for their home build that not only fit the family and their lifestyle, but their budget as well."

Our Process

Once we've met and personally consulted with the client, ideas are transformed and developed into a plan of action by our in-house design and drafting team, who work hard to ensure that our client's vision is translated into real life. "Building someone's home is a privilege," says Aaron, "and from initial consultation through to completion, being entrusted with turning a dream into reality is something our team takes very seriously."  



At Bennett Homes we believe innovation is an integral part of the new home build process. This value means creating an individualised project specific to your requirements is important to us, and we will work alongside you each step of the way to achieve your desired result.


Developing the innovative ideas from both customer and the team is a crucial step in our process. Offering an excellent service in transforming ideas into the practical ‘plan of action,’ we believe developing ideas into reality is key to achieving the best result; all while doing so efficiently and economically.


We have a team of skilled and experienced men and women who are ready to start any project promptly. Our practical skills stretch across a broad spectrum of experience, which makes handling your new home build no problem.

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